Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tablet Drawing

Learning to draw with my new tablet

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The First: A Day Less Marked by Netflix

As an assignment from my Professor and mentor Crystal Wilkinson, I was asked to read a short (non-fiction) story and then write my own in a similar style. This is what I've come up with:

A Day Less Marked by Netflix

You failed to remember to turn your phone alarm to 'Ring' so instead of jogging on a treadmill at the pace of a bemused dog on a beach, you dreamed of accidentally causing a multitude of car crashes and explosions while trying to drive an old man you barely knew to a doctor's office. The sleep was welcome and comforting, and you vaguely recall smelling jasmine amidst those car-teetering explosions in your mind.
You wake up briefly to adjust your numbing arm and realize the source of the scent. Her hair rests perfectly parted, keeping her face clear, and you can't help but smell the faint, sweet aroma of whatever brand of oriental shampoo she used the night before. You smile to yourself and let the sleep take you over once more.

9:45am No Waffles
You always wake up first. This morning was no different than the last eight or so: You woke up. You woke her up. You both delayed getting out of bed for a half hour or so. You finally get out of bed first to turn the heat on. She has waffles.
This morning there are no waffles and your tired girlfriend has to go without. She mock-whines, though you know deep down she is disappointed there is no Waffle Fairy to make them appear for her daily. You think that would be an interesting drawing.

1:15pm Nightwatch
The ridiculous cost of computer programs is lost on you as you witness a vampire's head crumble in to chunks of ashen sandstone all over a bathroom sink. This morning you had gone from pauper to near-nobility, from cave-man to space cadet, and all those revelations mean nothing in the site of a vampire crumbling to dust at the whim of a flashlight.
You remember when you were younger and vampires died by a stake to the heart and beheading. To see a vamp go down by a flashlight speaks volumes of the degeneration of worldly imaginations, you mention to her. She shrugs. She is enjoying the movie.

8:02pm Invincible
You are a terrible student. You stay up too late doing petty drawings, reading comic books, cuddling with your girlfriend watching horror movies and laughing at dismemberment. She sits on the opposite couch, diligently reading Sir Francis Drake's atrocities on Native People. You laugh a private reference to a video game. There is a knock at the door. You will not get your homework done tonight.