Sunday, April 8, 2012


I finally threw down the money to get into the gym here in my apartment complex. I had been wary of doing so previously because 1) I never seem to have excess money to put towards my own well-being and 2) I thought there were no running machines in the joint. Thankfully, my concerns were very ill-concieved and now I am the proud owner of a shiny key that unlocks doors to fitness. Double-kudos is that this place has pretty much everything I need to do the fitness gig, and there is no monthly fee. Just the deposit I put down. Can I sweeten this pot any more??? ... no, not really.

I seem to have hit a wall in making my website. The css I'm using doesn't seem to really be doing what I want it to, and I have no idea why. I'm flipping through a building-websites-for-idiots type guide as the words appear on the screen through typing motions in the mean time. Worse comes to worse and I can't figure it out, I'll just have to have a friend go over it and hammer out the small detail I'm missing that will probably make everything look magically awesome.

Physical fitness: 1/10
Mental fitness: 2/10
Artistic fitness: 0/10

Trying to work up these scales. I have an artistic collaboration project going on that I've been sketching ideas for, but nothing is really sinking in for me. Maybe I'll figure something out after work today.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


For the second time since graduating college, I had an in-person interview for a graphic design position just the other week. This lead to a phone interview, and high hopes and higher anticipation of getting said position. These hopes were then quickly smashed yesterday with a nicely worded e-mail essentially telling me my portfolio was crap and I didn't look to them like a graphic designer. That's reading between the lines.
Am I upset? Obviously. But I would be more upset if I didn't agree with them. In looking over my portfolio in an effort to find something of merit to really showcase my design skills, I didn't find a single piece that didn't have glaring errors. Nothing I have looks terribly professional. I remember thinking back to college that at some point I would go back and fix all these tiny errors in my work, in the framing of it, whatever. I haven't done a thing.
It's my own damn fault that I didn't get this job I coveted so highly. It's my fault that my artwork is shotty. It is my fault that I do not have professional caliber work.

So, I'm starting from scratch. Bare-bones, from the bottom up. New portfolio, new everything. I sit on my ass complaining about everything, doing the occassional comic or whatever, but I haven't taken it seriously in a long time. Life is the best educator, and the real world just slapped me across the face with an 'F' and a lesson. If I don't push through this, I'll be stuck in this job barely getting by for the rest of my life.

Genesis Redux.