Thursday, April 5, 2012


For the second time since graduating college, I had an in-person interview for a graphic design position just the other week. This lead to a phone interview, and high hopes and higher anticipation of getting said position. These hopes were then quickly smashed yesterday with a nicely worded e-mail essentially telling me my portfolio was crap and I didn't look to them like a graphic designer. That's reading between the lines.
Am I upset? Obviously. But I would be more upset if I didn't agree with them. In looking over my portfolio in an effort to find something of merit to really showcase my design skills, I didn't find a single piece that didn't have glaring errors. Nothing I have looks terribly professional. I remember thinking back to college that at some point I would go back and fix all these tiny errors in my work, in the framing of it, whatever. I haven't done a thing.
It's my own damn fault that I didn't get this job I coveted so highly. It's my fault that my artwork is shotty. It is my fault that I do not have professional caliber work.

So, I'm starting from scratch. Bare-bones, from the bottom up. New portfolio, new everything. I sit on my ass complaining about everything, doing the occassional comic or whatever, but I haven't taken it seriously in a long time. Life is the best educator, and the real world just slapped me across the face with an 'F' and a lesson. If I don't push through this, I'll be stuck in this job barely getting by for the rest of my life.

Genesis Redux.

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