Monday, October 29, 2012

Drink drank day off

It's a day off from the new gig, same as the old gig, drinking the day away.

I'm starting some new websites. I realize I haven't updated since I started either of them. The first is a webcomic called Several Drinks Later. The newest, starting tomorrow, is The Write Idea Workshop ( The latter is a podcast about writing and the process of, as articulated by two drunk, passionate bastards who would rather be writing than doing whatever we're doing. We're going to record the inaugural podcast a little later today.

That being said, asides from those two things, nothing has really changed with me.
Increasing desparity and anger at my non-creative life kind of chokes my day.
I spend so much time of the day (when I'm at work) at how much time this is eating away from me writing or drawing something I actually give a shit about. It's always resting in the back of my mind. I deeply fear I'm going to end up one of those sixty-something's who realizes far too late they didn't do anything with their life. I'm doing my best to combat it, but fo' realz, Ohio propagates this sort of attitude like other more rural state make corn.

So, yeah, check out:

in the next few days!!